AA Joyland (PVT) Ltd. welcomes you to its extensive world of amusement and recreational possibilities. Being the pioneer in the recreational and amusement industry for about 2 decades in south-east Asia, AA Joyland (PVT) LTD has remained consistent in delivering state-of-the-art and trailblazing recreational and amusement attractions into the local market and across borders as well.

Being in the amusement industry since 1995, we’ve revamped the amusement and recreational culture in Pakistan with entities such as Aladin Amusement Park, Super Space, Bounce, BattleStation, AA Joyland events and Super Carnival. After leaving a mark in the realms of park and indoor theme parks, AA Joyland has gracefully stepped into the world of manufacturing amusement products since 2005 – And now we’re honorably entering into the world of exports, where we offer an extensive catalogue of amusement and recreational good and services for you to choose from for your theme park.

Our Grand Vision is to set an organizational model that goes against the grain and becomes a paradigm on a global level.


Our concept is to encourage creativity, honesty, hard-work in all realms of our work environment.


We believe in offering honest, cost-effective and hassle-free services and products for our clients.

Our Strength

We have various teams comprised of adept individuals that offer their expertise in the fields of marketing, innovation and development to take this organization to astronomical heights.



Mr. Abdullah Rafi

He is an established businessman with extensive experience in the fields of textiles, real estate, agriculture and steel industries. He is also polytechnic institute graduate and has been heading various groups and family projects. He has also been involved in prominent commercial ventures and trade associations.


Board of Directors

1. Mr. Ibrahim Shamsi

Mr. Ibrahim Shamsi is an MBA from LUMS. He has strong experience of modern management and effective control management. He is MD of A.A Joyland (Pvt.)Ltd. Karachi and Joyland Lahore. He Joined Siddiqsons in 1997.


2. Mr. Inamullah Abdullah

Mr. Inamullah Abdullah is the COO of A.A Joyland(Pvt.)Ltd. He has a bachelor’s degree from London Metropolitan University, UK. Mr Inamullah is successfully running and expanding the business unit under A.A Joyland including Pavilion End Club, Aladin Amusement park, Bounce, Super Space, Battle Station for the past 10 years.





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