XD Adventure offers you a whole new plateau of experience with its peerless virtual reality technology, spooky haunted prison and other interactive entertainment attractions. Here are the primary ultra-modern recreational attractions available at XD Haunted Adventure:


XD Cinema is a motion simulation ride that lets the viewer dive into a virtual world full of adventure and thrill at every corner. The participants  can undergo sensations that sweep reality off of their feet and put them in a world of virtual reality not chained down by the limitation and boredom of reality with the aid of high end graphics and visual effects.


XD Haunted arena is a step further into the world of horror and spookiness. It’s a prison where the undead lurk in every corner to haunt the living nightmare out of any visitors that try to interfere with their solace and sovereignty. It’s a daring attraction that’s sensational, thrilling and challenging.


LOCATION: Ocean Mall – Karachi 

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 Ocean Mall – Karachi