The First of its Kind

Battlestation offers excitement seeking rovers a high-tech recreational combat arena for all sorts of competitive activities and games. Battlestation is specially curated and designed to simulate the experience of real life combat situations sprinkled with a little bit of excitement and nerve racking gameplay. Battlestation consists of game changing amusement activities like Laser tag, Bazooka Ball, Laser Maze and VR Gaming facility that exudes fun and thrill for all.

Battlestation arena features glow-in-the-dark passageways, pillars and obstacles to enliven a tactical sensation among players adding a whole different plateau to the playing experience. Players wear tactical gear and combat each other with synthetic weapons such as laser tag guns emitting an infrared laser to score a point or bazooka ball shooting soft ball projectiles that are fun and utterly safe.

Here’s a list of all the superlative amusement and recreational activities available at Battlestation Arena:

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is a game consisting of players whether segregated by teams or solo that engage in a safe and fun-filled tactical combat that comprises of laser tag guns that emit infrared laser beams. The objective in the game is to shoot your opponent in the sensors present in their tactical jacket to stack up points. Players can clutch onto an advantageous vantage points with the help of dark passageways, pillars and obstacles that add to the whole competitive ambience..

Laser Maze

Our Laser maze arena lets you role play as a spy trying to escape enemy captivity. The arena is set up with alternating laser shooting from both side of the wall to track any sort of motion or movement. The player objective is to escape the laser maze without setting the alarms off.

Bazooka Ball

Bazooka Ball is an adrenaline fueled competitive game where players use their sense of tactical intuition to defeat the enemy team. The game comprises of guns shooting softball projectiles at the opposing team to stack up scores and win the match.


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