The First of its Kind

(LASER TAG, BAZOOKA BALL & VR GAMES) Battle station provides you a combat base designed with a scenario of attack and defends - A multi-player game proposed to create a virtual reality captivating real life warfare. The members equipped with highly safe combat simulations, wear sensor vests and face masks. The battle begins in the arena with glowing pillars, arches, and passageway that assures the excitement of bazooka ball and laser tag. A laser gun, which emits an infrared signal is used to aim the target. The gun of a tagged player will be deactivated for 3 to 12 seconds. Whereas bazooka ball is played with regular paintball markers, 2" foam balls with high impact sensor vests, and real time electronic scoring and sound effects.

The fantasy of VR Games available at Battle Station supersede real-world environment with the exceptional collection of action games for a player in a 3D artificial and highly interactive surrounding. The physical spaces specially designed for playing VR Games ensure great fun by generating sensations that simulate the visitor's physical presence in a virtual environment.


LOCATION: Ocean Mall – Karachi

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 Ocean Mall – Karachi 


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