The Ultimate evolution Virtual Reality and what’s its Impact

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Virtual reality is not a new concept. Innovators and developers in different realms of entertainment have always envisioned means and tools that would simulate reality as we see it. The thought of transporting ourselves to an entirely new world with endless possibilities has always been astounding. All credit goes to the ultimate evolution and advancements of virtual reality that we get to experience the magnificence of developing technology. Since its invention in 1956 by Morton L. Heilig in the form of first VR machine called Sensorama, this technology has evolved substantially, but it was only after 1992 that the concept of virtual reality was successfully integrated with gaming and it almost brought about a revolution in the gaming industry since then. This imperative evolution of sophisticated technology, advanced computer systems and superior display graphics has taken virtual reality to a completely new level and is all set to reshape how we perceive the world of gaming, movies and other sorts of entertainment.

Gaming and Entertainment

Virtual Reality has entirely revolutionized the concept of indoor gaming and has brought in the breath-taking excitement of thrilling extraordinary scenarios that can only be possible in a virtual reality for many people. Platforms like PlayStation, Steam, Oculus, Viveport and Google Play offer a great variety of VR games. There have been many Virtual reality centers for gaming and entertainment that have become a big attraction for people since they offer exhilarating fun and entertainment.

Live Streaming with a 360-degree View

Virtual reality has redefined how we live stream content. For instance, if you are not able to get a ticket for World Cup final, with Virtual reality live streaming 360 view you can still have a fully stunning and electrifying view and have the same sense of presence like you would’ve had attending the world cup final with ease.

Virtual Travel Tourism

Innovation in virtual reality has opened gateways to endless possibilities, we can virtually travel to any part of the world, be it a beach in Hawaii or the pyramid in Egypt and if you are bored with that you can do scuba diving deep in the ocean or travel to deep space with Star trek.

Virtual Training Programs

The evolution in virtual reality has also made it a very useful tool for training purposes as well, Militaries around the world use it for training their personals and bomb disposal squads and Medical universities are also planning to use virtual reality to train young doctors for critical surgeries and other clinical operations.

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