Vortex Tunnel How Does It Work: Science Behind the Illusion

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Vortex Tunnel How Does It Work Science Behind the Illusion - AAJoyland.com

A Vortex Tunnel is mind blowing attraction that gives you a virtual, mystifying, spinning, and sloping experience like no other. There are a lot of theme parks and amusement parks around the world that offer the scintillating and sensational vortex tunnel joyride to its visitors. In Pakistan AA Joyland Pioneers the business of manufacturing amazing and high-quality joyrides like the Vortex tunnel and they also provide customize setup and rental services as per requirement. The standard edition of the vortex tunnel consists of a high-grade steel pipe made up of series of rings that are normally up to three meters high and six meters in length. The inner part of the tunnel is designed and decorated with images and themes that creates the illusion of movement in the mind of the people enjoying the ride, and even the slightest movement is felt as thrilling. The lighting of the vortex tunnel also adds greatly to the sensation of this wonderful entertainment machine making it an experience of the life time for the riders. This is the main reason why the vortex tunnel is so trendy among the fun lover of all age group.

Vortex Tunnel how does it Work

There are a lot of people that are amazed by the vortex tunnel and how does it works. This fantastic and electrifying entertainment machine works by deceiving human mind into thinking and feeling that the ground under our feet is moving when actually it is not the ground that is moving but the joyride with sudden movements along with theme image inside the tunnel and the lighting creates a combination that is astonishing and breathtaking.

Science Behind the Illusion of Vortex Tunnel

The science behind the illusion of vortex tunnel is basically the visual illusion of movement that confuses the human brain sensors. The effects created by the flashing lights and the theme image generates an exhilarating mood and deception in our brain and the vestibular system making it believe that our body is actually in motion.

This crazy entertainment machine is amongst the most liked joyrides around the globe and has been the main source of attraction for many amusement parks. Our eyes are the most trusted organ in our body, as the human brain trusts our sight more than our touch and makes us believe and feel the extreme thrill and sensation through what we see in the vortex tunnel. Once we get into the vortex tunnel the effects are inescapable, be prepared to lose balance, get dizzy and do not forget to cling tightly on to the side rails. The excitement of the vortex tunnel is exceptional as it completely blows our mind and this is why it is so popular and appealing for most people visiting amusement parks. Still don’t trust us? Try the vortex tunnel by yourself to find out!!

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