Old Larry

If you are looking for spooky and scary haunted house animatronics and props, then Hanging Corpse is the one that will scare you to death. Hanging Corpse is an ideal haunted house or hanging Halloween prop that can be accommodated for surprise scare on visitors. Based on a pneumatic motor for movement and function, hanging corpse brings a life-like horror experience as a haunted house prop. As our haunted prop is said to be a Corpse which is truly a work of the devil. Hanging Corpse haunted house prop is based on a steel form factor with latex construction

Ceiling Stalker

Ceiling Stalker is a motion activated Halloween prop and haunted house prop of your nightmares. When you are close by, Ceiling Stalker scares you to your last bone with a surprise attack from the ceiling of the room. Constructed on a robust form factor with pneumatic based application and movement, Ceiling Stalker is out there to get you with an abrupt attack. An ideal haunted house animatronics for all sorts of indoor and outdoor theme parks. Ceiling Stalker is constructed on a steel form factor with latex material for horror decoration

Headless Hannah

Headless Hannah is in town for some blood. Headless Hannah is the spookiest haunted house prop that will knock your socks off. As a motion activated haunted and Halloween prop, Headless Hannah detects your every move and scares you with a sudden motion when you are close by. Headless Hannah is constructed of highest quality latex and steel and is tested in our own haunted house as well. This motor based motion activated Halloween and haunted house prop can be used in an outdoor and indoor environment as well.

Flying Creep

Say your prayers, because Flying Creep devil prop is here to scare the living soul out of you. Flying creep is an ideal haunted house prop for any type of indoor set-up. Made out of high grade latex and steel material, this haunted house animatronics can also be used as a hanging Halloween prop as well. With the help on a pneumatic based operation and application, Flying Creep scares all visitors with an abrupt attack whoever comes close to it