One way in and only one way out! Get ready to escape our enthralling and challenging laser maze. As one of the pioneer laser maze manufacturers in the game, we develop and construct groundbreaking laser maze equipment that’ll bring out your inner spy escaping enemy captivity.

Having a demonstrated repertoire in the recreational industry as a laser maze manufacturer, we construct durable, intuitive and state of the art laser maze equipment that are super fun and daring.

Wall Brackets

We like to add attention to details to all our laser maze equipment unlike other laser maze manufacturers. These wall brackets take the décor to a whole new level and host the whole laser array system for the laser maze game by having lasers project from both sides of the wall in an alternating pattern.

Ambient Lighting

Dark ambient lighting is the most vital laser maze equipment, because all the excitement takes place in the dark. We’re the only laser maze manufacturer that offers different ambient lighting options with glow in the dark passageways in accordance to your needs.


When you’re escaping laser maze things might get a little smoky. To add some juice to the challenging nature of our laser maze game, we also design and build smoke dispensing laser maze equipment to make things even more fun and difficult.


We design some of the finest laser maze laser equipment in the market. As a renowned laser maze manufacturer, all of our infrared lasers are made in compliance with international safety and quality regulations and standards.

Customized Container

Don’t have a place to fix and operate your laser maze equipment? Look no further, as we also provide laser maze containers with state of the art functions and décor if accommodation is a hassle. As laser maze manufacturers, we ensure ease of installation and operation for your convenience.


We offer luscious décor for laser maze game and arena for that added chunk of excitement and thrill. We have lighting, decals, paint job and other ambient decoration available and ready to be installed all in accordance to your requirements along with other indoor playground equipment.

Product Name Laser Maze
Lazer Module Fat Beam
Lazer Stand Adjustable Mattel Stand
Lazer Maze Size Customize
Color Green
Sound -
Application Amusement Park, Indoor theme parks, Shopping Malls, Recreation Center Events, ETC

In-house experts to build up a Laser Maze arena with complete ambience and laser setup.