Our Ninja Warrior obstacle courses put players to the ultimate test by having them overcome combination of hurdles, challenges and ninja warrior equipment using their wit and physical strength. Our Ninja Warrior obstacle course gymsare designed keeping the euphoric mind state of players and thrill seekers alike. So, are you ready to take on the challenge?

As a trusted supplier in the amusement industry, we build and ship high quality Ninja Warrior equipment and indoor obstacle course equipment for theme park set-ups and other types of amusement arenas

Curve Walls

You think you can jump? Then try out curve walls in our Ninja Warrior obstacle courses. This game challenges one’s sense of agility by having them skip jump to the other side of the obstacle. This ninja warrior equipment will test your lower body strength and co-ordination while offering a hefty lower body workout along the way in the most action packed way possible.

Rod Bridge

Rod Bridge is a Ninja Warrior obstacle where only the fittest survive. This stage of the course challenges players to make it to the other side of the course by relying on their upper body strength, agility and strength. If you’re looking to set up an indoor obstacle course, then rod bridge is a must have ninja warrior equipment. So, are you ready to HANG out?

Hanging Bridge

In Ninja Warrior course, your every step counts – literally! When you’re in our hanging bridge, things can get a little shaky. Hanging bridge tests your balance and your agility by having you make it to the other side by stepping on swinging boards. If your balance is on point, then this ninja warrior equipment should be a cake walk.

Curve Bridge

Do your arms have the stamina to hold on? How about you let our Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course Curve Bridge be the judge? In this part of the game, players have to climb and hold on to the curve bridge on the top and shimmy their way to the end of the obstacle.  Only players with the hunger for dare can make it through this ninja warrior equipment.

Hanging Ring

Let your inner Tarzan shine through with our Ninja Warrior Obstacle hanging ring. Hanging Ring tests your upper body balance and strength. Make it to the other side and prove you’re an ultimate Ninja Warrior champion.

Fully Safe and Sound

With foam padding and extra cushion for players’ safety and comfort, all ourindoor obstacle course equipment are optimal for merriment and playability.

Product Name Ninja Warrior Course Obstacles
Model N-AAJ8349
Age Range 8 Years+
Size (L*W*H) Customized
Trusses Aluminum Structure Cover With Pearl Wool 2 And PVC Vinyl
Structure MS Structure
Activities GRP Material, Rope & D Clamp
Foam Pad Pearl Wool 2"
Trampoline Pad Ms Structure cover with Pearl Wool 2" & PVC Vinyl
Foam Blocks Foam Blocks 6" x 6"
Installation we will provide you with a construction plan like installation pictures or videos. If customer is needed installation work by our team than we can send our engineers to do installation,client is responsible for extra charges.
Applications Amusement Park, Indoor Themed Park, Super Mall, Etc

We are the only manufacturer of Ninja Warrior Course in Pakistan. This is a challenge to improve the strength, endurance, coordination, agility and balance of young and adults alike.