Super Bus Fun on Wheels

Following our tradition, Super Bus is an avant-garde invention of our adept technicians and engineers to bring a mobile solution for recreational purposes. Super Bus brings all your fun activities on the go hence the slogan – Fun On Wheels. Super Bus features three superb recreational games including VR Arena, Karaoke and Laser Maze.

VR Games

When reality disappoints, it’s time to take things to the world of Virtual Reality. Super Bus’ virtual reality arena features a full-fledged arena with décor and ambiance for fun-seekers to explore the endless gaming possibilities of virtual reality. Simply put your VR gear on and let the games begin.


Laser Maze

One of Super Bus’s finest attractions is the laser maze game. In the laser maze game, all you have to do is to roleplay as a spy escaping enemy captivity by avoiding the oncoming lasers from hitting your body parts. If you got the moves and the grooves, escaping would be a piece of cake; otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board.



In Super Bus’ Karaoke arena, sing……or at least give it a try. The Karaoke system in Super Bus is crafted with complete acoustic treatment for minimal sound leakage and the ultimate concert experience. Once you grab the microphone, sing your heart out and move the crowd.