Are you ready to have your world shaken up?  If yes, then take a tour of our spinning vortex tunnel. This type ofmagic mirror or illusion tunnels cause an illusion that’ll have you dizzy and confused with the aid of a spinning tunnel surrounding a bridge that you have to cross to make it to the other.  It’s a game made specifically for those who want some challenge in life.

We construct industry standard vortex tunnels for sale and recreational uses. So, if you’re looking to rock your world right round, then our spinning vortex tunnel is here to shake things up for you!

Tunnel Rings

Our spinning vortex tunnel is based on a form factor of multiple robust first rate aluminum rings that makes the spinning functionality of the tunnel happen. All of our spinning vortex tunnels for sale come with 5-6 aluminum rings along with their brackets for installation

Tunnel Rotation Motor

A spinning vortex tunnel is all about creating an illusion through the rotation of the tunnel and this happens all thanks to the tunnel rotation motor. Our spinning vortex tunnel for sale comes with a rotation motor of 0.5 HP powerful enough to give some good and speedy spins.

Tunnel Cloth

Tunnel cloths are essential for that confusion inducing illusion effect of the spinning vortex tunnel.  With all the vortex tunnels for sale that we produce, we provide multiple tunnel cloth option with multiple types of patterns and designs that induce confusion and dizziness to make things fun and challenging inside the vortex tunnel.

Tunnel Bridge

Do you have the guts to make it to the other side? Just hang on to the tunnel bridge and make a run for it. Our spinning vortex tunnels for sale come with a bridge of 20 ft length and 3.25 ft width that’ll help you escape the horror of our led vortex tunnel.

Vortex Tunnel Installation

The whole set-up comes with intuitive instructions manual and instructional kit and video for you to easily set it up. And if you’re looking for a hassle free installation, then we offer skilled technicians to get the installation going for you.

Fully Insured

Our spinning vortex tunnel and other modern playground equipment are fully insured and have a warranty for your convenience, so you have a safe purchase and a trusted relationship with us.

Product Name Vortex Tunnel
Model V-AAJ7583
Overall length MS Material 20 FT
Overall Diameter MS Pipe 1" (Ring Size 9 FT-4 Inches Dia)
Bridge Length MS Bridge 20 FT
Bridge Width MS Bridge 3.25 FT
Light Color UV Lights
Fabric Black Cotton Fabric With Florescent Paint
Installation we will provide you with a construction plan like installation pictures or videos. If customer is needed installation work by our team than we can send our engineers to do installation,client is responsible for extra charges.
Applications Haunted Attraction, Amusement Parks, Parties, Games Zone Area & ETC